Fischer Fence-Master 950

Fischer Fence-Master 950

For rode-side, fence post and solar plant maintenance.

With many organisations moving away from using herbicides in the communal sector and in public areas, we are pleased to introduce you to the newly patented Fischer Fence-Master 950.

The Fence-Master uses a star-shaped, hydraulically powered star-mower features 3 x small diameter, cushioned mower-heads supported by a spring loaded swivel-arm. The cutting heads use a combination of mower blades and weeding cord to achieve a clean result right up to the posts. The star-shaped mower head can freely spin to give way, while mowing around the post. 3 strong springs maintaining a constant floating position.

The system can be folded back and hydraulically lifted into travel position.

The Fence-Master is available for rear, front and side mounting on request, it can be supplied for right hand or left hand operation.

Technical Data:

  • Weight: 220Kg
  • Max hydraulic oil requirements: 30-35L/min
  • Max hydraulic oil pressure: 200 bar
  • Cutting width: 950cm
  • Transport width: 1300mm
  • Transport height: 1200mm
  • Max operating speed: 4km/h
  • Hydraulic requirements: 1 x permanent supply + 1 x pressures return/dump
  • E/H control unit 12V

Additional Equipment:

  • Hydraulic self-supply (PTO)
  • Plastic guarding on mower heads
  • Debris guarding
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany, distributed by Fischer GmbH, Italy
  • Acclaimed quality equipment
  • Mows around fence posts, road guide posts and under solar-plant installations
  • Unique design, allowing chemical-free weed control
  • Easy mountable on front-end loader, 3Point linkage CAT l & ll and plate side mounting
  • Effective and simple to use
  • Proven rugged and built to last

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