Fischer GTL1 & GTL2 Multi-Tool Support Frame

Fischer GTL1 & GTL2 Multi-Tool Support Frame

Supporting interchangeable Fischer HDT-400 & 600 mower heads, FKT-420 cultivating heads TWISTER bio-brush weeders and more – one frame to suit all.

The GTL1 and 2 frame offers front plate or front and rear 3Point linkage with 2 x height adjustable central wheels, telescopic side-shift, hydraulic transport positioning and implement head angle adjustment.

The Fischer TWISTER is also popular for mechanical de-suckering and controls early spring snail peaks.

The HDT mowers and the FKT cultivator heads are equipped with our acclaimed, hydraulic fine-sensor technology.

Options & Sizes:

The Fischer GTL frame is available as GTL1/2 S or or GTL1/2 L (short & long) and offers further custom extensions if required.


  • HDT-400 (light) + 600 (heavy).
  • FKT-420 cultivator heads.
  • TWISTER bio-brush heads D300 or D450, L550.
  • RH2 Roller Hoe.
  • HF54 Finger Weeder.
  • RSO Sweeper.

For more information regarding the hydraulic oil requirements for individual components please refer to the downloadable spreadsheet. To cater for all hydraulic components at the heaviest load (2 x FFT-420 cultivator discs with fine-sensors), we recommend an oil supply capacity of 80 – 95L/min @ 180bar.

We offer various PTO powered, integrated or split hydraulic supply systems. Hydraulic self-supplies can e.g be integrated on an expandable-deck Fischer BV2 mower or supplied as seperate rear, 3Point mountable power pack unit. We offer continuous 3Point and PTO to run an existing mower or a spray unit attached on the rear.

All our systems are equipped with ‘state-of-the-art’ electrohydraulic and remote controlled operating systems.


  • Acclaimed quality equipment.
  • Front and rear mountable.
  • Highly efficient, quality equipment providing multiple choices.
  • Highly effective and simple to use.
  • Proven rugged and built to last.

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