Fischer has introduced various support frame options to offer solutions to operate an impressive range of tree-line and undervine maintenance implements (tools).

The frames feature a variety of hydraulic movements and are front plate, mid/centre, front & rear 3Point and mower mountable.

All frames are built, using robust components and standard attachment plates and 3Point attachments suiting international CAT l & ll standards – custom attachments like Euro Quick Hitch are available on request.


The frame systems and their implements have different hydraulic oil supply requirements – please refer to the following table.

We supply all Multi-Frame options with compact operating systems, only requiring 1 x Hydraulic hose for the oil supply and 1 x Hydraulic hose for the return (the return port requires to be a dedicated, pressureless return to the oil reservoir).

  • Hydraulic motors require a electrohydraulic control-blocks which includes an oil splitter if for 2 motors, oil flow regulators to regulate the operating speed and pressure relief valves – it also allows the supply of oil for additional control blocks.
  • Hydraulic fine-sensor technology requires an additional electrohydraulic control block to supply the control valve, or valves for the fine-sensor technology – this block also provides a follow-on oil supply to run the required hydraulic frame functions.
  • Depending on the number of frame and implement tilt functions, we offer electrohydraulic control-blocks for all individual requirements.

Hydraulic Self Supply Systems:

Power-packs are predominantly required for hydraulic mowing and cultivating equipment which have the largest hydraulic oil requirement.

Modern hydraulic control blocks are designed to distribute the required amount of oil onto the hydraulic fine-sensor technology with an allowance to operate the frame functions.

Please be aware that tractor manuals often state a L/min capacity which is based on max. engine rpm. The listed pump capacities often include other tractor related requirements like the steering etc.

Before making a decision if a hydraulic power-pack is required or not, we recommend to measure the actual output at your tractor’s hydraulic ports set at an average engine rpm.

We offer 3Point mounted hydraulic self-supply systems, optional with continuous 3Point and PTO to attach to an existing mower or a spray unit.

Supply systems can also be built into the GTL2 support frame, or be hosted by a rear mountable, expandable deck Fischer BV2 mower.

The Fischer BV2 & New BV3 mowers are unique in their own right, offering hydraulic deck-expansion technology (without moving the support wheels). We offer 11 different BV2/3 mower sizes and various configuration options – please refer to the Fischer BV2 product listing or contact us via email on:


  1. Fischer HDT 400 or 600mm (Tree-Line or Undervine Mowing, features hydraulic fine sensor technology).
  1. Fischer FKT 420 (Tree-Line or Undervine Cultivating, features hydraulic fine-sensor technology).
  1. Fischer TWISTER Bio-Brush Weeder (hydraulically powered brush heads and frame functions, does not require hydraulic fine-sensor technology.)
  1. Fischer RH Roller-Hoe (Ultra fast tree-line cultivating/mounding – hydraulics only required for frame functions – please refer to Product Showcase Flex 1 and Flex 2-S & Flex 2-L).
  1. Fischer TP Single Disc-Plow (Tree-Line tilling and undervine mounding – hydraulics only required for frame functions).
  1. Fischer RSO Cane Sweeper (Tree-line and undervine sweeping, hydraulically powered sweeper head and frame functions).

For more technical information regarding the hydraulic oil requirements for the different implements and frames, please download our specifications.

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