Fischer BV2 or BV3 + TWISTER W2

Fischer BV2 or BV3 + TWISTER W2

High Speed Bio-Brush Weeding System

The Fischer BV2 and BV3 mowers are Europe’s most popular vineyard and orchard mowers.

The BV2 and BV3 features unique, hydraulic deck-expansion technology, which makes it most versatile for the use in various row-widths. It has also become the ideal host for alternative (chemical free) undervine/tree-line weeding systems like the TWISTER W2 bio-brush weeder, and the hydraulically powered and angle adjustable, swivel-arm HDT-400 or 600 mower disc system featuring hydraulic fine-sensor technology (look up BV2 + HDT-600).

  • The combination; Fischer BV2 mower + TWISTER W2, represents the latest technology of mechanical weed control including mechanical de-suckering for vineyards and orchards.
  • Available for 400mm drip-lines (extra low mount) or standard 600mm drip line heights.
  • The BV2 + TWISTER W2 can be operated at a fast pace of 46km/hr.
  • The BV2 + TWISTER W2 system is available for row-width from 8m to 4m.
  • The TWISTER brushes are hydraulically powered, high speed bio-brush weeders mounted onto the mower using a well designed spring back hinging mechanism, equipped with safety guards. The brush-heads are individually liftable to adjust to an appropriate angle for cleaning up side terraces and small embankments. Sophisticated electrohydraulic controls allow for easy operating procedures including individual brush motor on/off via an in-cabin remote control (12V).
  • We offer 3 different brush cord grades for different applications, comprising 8mm heavy duty weeding twine with a KEVLAR core.
Product Summary:
  • The Fischer GL2 FIX mower is a heavy duty all-round mower with optional hydraulic linear side-shift capabilities.
Extra Equipment:
  • Rear, front and rear&front mounting available on request.
  • Linear side-shift on 3Point frame, +/- 300mm to both sides.
  • Integrated herbicide spray equipment.

The BV2 + TWISTER W2 can do 3 jobs in one tractor pass:

  1. Mows and mulches the inter-row.
  2. Most gently cleans up undervine and around posts and light row terracing.
  3. Removes basal water-shoots at the same tractor pass.

The TWISTER W2 specifications are as follows:


  • The high speed (max.2000rpm) TWISTER heads are hydraulically powered by the tractor hydraulics.
  • The TWISTER heads are available in two sizes/length 334mm or 550mm.
  • All hydraulic requirements can be met by the tractor; it requires 3 x double acting leavers and 1 x constant supply & return. The required hydraulic oil capacity is 50-60L/min.
  • The weed-brushes are using 8mm heavy duty weeding twine featuring a KEVLAR core – reports suggest a brush lifespan of 20-45Ha depending on the undervine conditions (e.g presents of rocks or/and nature of rocks).
  • The brush heads allowed for a 200mm over-cut with the base mower to allow for a seamless result.
  • The brush heads angle to row is manually adjustable to set the required working depth.
  • The heads are spring loaded for brush-by action and hydraulically liftable to set the required working height.
  • Electrohydraulic controls allow to turn the heads on and off from inside the tractor.

Product Summary:

  • The Fischer BV2 + TWISTER W2 system is a heavy duty, expandable deck mower with integrated, hydraulically powered high speed bio-brush undervine/tree-line weeding system.

Extra Equipment:

  • Various wheel options.
  • On-board hydraulic support systems.

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