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Phillip Moraghan

Curly Flat Vineyard, VIC

At Curly Flat, the biggest, and boldest, step to natural farming was the cessation of herbicide use; the move away from the manicured monoculture of new world vineyards. The Fischer GL4 made that move possible and is the key to our moving to a new paradigm. Already, the results are so obvious in the physical changes to the vineyard floor and the soil structure; we expect further improvements will continue for many years. The elevation in wine quality is starting to show, and will similarly continue to improve for many years. The GL4 machine is great, and made greater by the service, advice and backup from Jurg. He is only a phone call away and very quick to respond.   Catch up,   Phillip. ”

Dana Masters

Friday Hut Coffee, Tregeagle, NSW

"As our orchard is still quite young, managing the grass and weeds around the base of our trees is a priority. With its hydraulically driven sensor swing arm, my Fischer SL mower has enabled me to mow around the trunks of my macadamia trees, thereby not only maintaining grass cover on the orchard floor but also reducing our reliance on chemicals for weed management. Maintenance of grass cover will also reduce the potential for soil erosion in the orchard in the future. Any questions or spare parts I have needed for my mower have always been promptly attended to and supplied by the Fischer team. ”

Chris Landon-Lane, Convener

Organic Coalition of Tasmania

"Before purchasing the Fischer SL3 mower for our walnut orchard, I had tried various self-made modifications on a conventional tractor-mounted slasher, and pine-oil herbicide to manage ground cover in the tree lines. With the SL3, the ground cover is cut and pretty well mulched in one pass with one machine and no chemicals - as an organic grower, that's important. The hydraulic remote control to offset the deck and sensor on the outer disk is brilliant. It means I have around 4m reach so the tractor cab doesn't damage branches and knock off the crop. Machinery operation time and maintenance costs went down by at least 50%. The SL3 is robust enough to handle typical prunings, and yet makes the orchard floor short enough for easy mechanical pick up of nuts on the ground at harvest time. Fischer service and advice while we got to know the machine has been excellent, and its design and durability has reduced our spare parts need close to zero in the 3 years we've owned it. Best bit of machinery we've bought! ”

Sam Statham

Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd

"The Fischer mower has increased our efficiency and is an important weed management tool in our organic vineyard. Jurg has great after sales support and advice. The machine is durable and reliable. ”

Richard Wellsmore

Vineyard Manager, Wirra Wirra

"Wirra Wirra vineyards purchased a GL4 Fischer under-vine mower for our NASAA certified vineyards in McLaren Vale South Australia. We have had great success with under-vine weed control using our Fischer mower and have fine-tuned it to meet the requirements of all our vineyard blocks and other vineyard sites. The Fischer mower is now an integral part in under-vine weed management for all our sites. it is operator friendly and offers good flexibility to change settings etc. We have had great service when it comes to ordering parts through Fischer Australis, with very little down time due to waiting for parts to arrive. I would recommend to anyone looking for an under-vine mower to seriously consider the Fischer. ”

Harndorf Hill Winery, SA

"I have used my Fischer under-vine mower for over 5 years. It is an extremely robust machine and I am very satisfied with its performance and the after sales service from Jurg. ”

Craig Markby

Vineyard Manager, C A Henschke & Co

"We have one of the original GL4 mowers at Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills. It is a cornerstone in our approach to sustainable land management in a demanding environment. The advice and after sales support from Jurg is outstanding...so is the mower's performance. Our vineyard floor management would not be where it is today without it with improved water use efficiency and healthier soils, and that is ultimately what it is all about for us. Cheers Fischer Australis! ”


Macadamia Farm Northern NSW

"The Fischer mowers I have used are well engineered and durable plus enable greater work efficiency.  The backup service and support from Fischer Australis is always fast and attentive - I highly recommend Fischer's range of innovative products."

James Thomas

JAT Farming, Lower Wonga, QLD

"We were looking for a solid mower that had the capability to mow between the tree-line, as we were looking to find a way to stop using herbicide under our trees, which so far we have not needed to use any herbicides, as the speed we can mow allows use to keep onto of the grass under the tree line. We also wanted a mower that was soft on the tree trunk and not damage the tree. All our requirement were met by the sales team and any question we had were always answered. We found there mowers to be well built and sturdy. the servicing and maintenance is easy and straight forward. "

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