Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment

Fischer Australis offers a wide selection of Mowers and Sickle Mulchers in various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of Australia’s and New Zealand’s Vineyards, Orchards, Farms, Municipal, Industrial, and Large Area operators.
Fischer mowers are designed to save production costs by multitasking. They can comfortably handle annual vine prunings, and make sweeping and the use of herbicides redundant. Our mowers do not use any hydraulic capacity from the tractor during operation, therefore can be used in conjunction with other hydraulically driven implements like front or side mounted brush weeders, leaf pluckers, or trimmers – saving multiple tractor passes.

Fischer Australis offers a range of additional equipment options. Most are designed to further enhance general efficacy or allow for multitasking. Others are to further adapt your mower to your individual soil types and layout.

Hydraulic Self-Supply Solutions

Integrated Herbicide or Compost Tea Spray Options

All Fischer Mowers can provide further advantages if used with our integrated herbicide or compost tee spray options.

Various Wheel Options

Weight Relief Mechanism on 3-Point Linkage

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