Commercial Mowers & Weeding Systems

Need a Commercial Mower or Weeding system? Look no further than Fischer Australis. We are experts in Fischer equipment and have been selling their extensive range of mowers and weeders for the past 14 years.

As the leading supplier of Fischer’s cutting-edge commercial mowers and weeding systems, we offer comprehensive pre and after-sale support, stock all necessary spare parts. We are just an email or phone call away.

Our extensive range of mowers and slashers are ideal for maintaining small to large orchards and farms. We specialise in standard tow behind and mountable front mowers, heavy-duty wing mowers and toppers and mowers for specific customised applications. Our mower range includes impressive offset mowing options, featuring hydraulic linear side-shift, with and without swivel-arm disk mowers with trouble-free hydraulic fine-sensor technology.

We are excited to announce that we will be offering the next-generation of flail mowers very shortly. The flail mowers will be available in 3 different strength Light, Medium and Heavy, which will include a PTO powered reach mower to maintain embankments and canals. To received details when it arrives please submit your details and you will be notified.

From small to commercial operations, we offer the most extensive mower range available. The range includes comprehensive fence and plant-line weeding systems like under-fence mowers and our popular modular Fischer Fex1 and Flex2 multi-tool system.

 We are dedicated to supporting sustainable farming, keeping school grounds chemical-free and road-side maintenance easy, maintaining permanent sward where ever it is possible.

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