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Fischer Australis Pty Ltd is the national distributor of Fischer Mowers & Weeding Systems for Australia. We offer conventional and specialised equipment to the wine industry and to the tree-crop and plantation sector since 2007. We do also provide unique maintenance options for municipal, airport and large area maintenance.

The manufacturer, Fischer GmbH is a pro-active, second generation family business that has been established in northern Italy 50 years ago. Fischer is one of the leading mower manufacturers in Europe, now exporting to 45+ different countries.

We offer comprehensive after sale and technical support. We know our equipment, stock all required spare parts – and are only an email away. On offer is a wide range of mowers with diverse configuration options. Our strength is to supply high standard, tailor made mowing and weeding equipment, to suit individual requirements. We are strong advocates in supporting sustainable farming practices. Too much soil has been “washed down the hills” and had to be carted up again and put back under the trees and back into vineyards due to erosion and the excessive use of herbicides. Not to mention the toxic effect these chemicals cause on immediate soil microorganisms and beneficial fungi.

Our equipment allows to maintain a healthy sward in your vineyard or orchard and offers technical flexibilities to cater for individual layouts, row widths and soil conditions. Our range exceeds over 100 mower models and weeding systems with the open-ended possibility of further customisation.

Celebrating 10 years of Fischer Australis Pty Ltd.

We look back on an exciting 10 year relationship with Fischer GmbH in Italy. This cooperation has been an inspirational and exiting journey. Working closely together with Fischer Italy and our clients in Oceana , we design and offer tailor made mowing and weeding solutions for the unique requirements of vineyards, orchards, municipal and the maintenance sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Fischer is a progressive manufacturer who is constantly striving to improve the design, technology and workmanship, incorporating the latest trends and cutting edge technology hot of the press from Europe.

From organic strawberry production to macadamia, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, avocado, citrus, apple, grapes, persimmons, blueberries and sandalwood producers to date plantations in the Middle East – all our clients have one thing in common, encompassing sustainable production and saving production costs by multitasking.

It is of no surprise that the current trends strongly focus on simplicity. Mechanical weeding systems which allow fast operating speeds, as well as hydraulically powered and operated inter-tree weeding implements are high priority on managers’ agendas – they require less maintenance, save time and valuable resources.

Our range offers over 100 different mower models and weeding systems which are distributed to more than 50 countries.

For Fischer Australis Pty Lt. it all started with a 5 year field trial to manage an established vineyard without the use of herbicides. In 1995, we purchased a Fischer undervine mower and the results were unexpected and astonishing, not only aesthetically but also also biologically and chemically:  As we were making the wine from the grapes without herbicides, year after year, our analysis showed significant changes. The juice readings post fermentation improved dramatically over the years, showing higher titratable acids (TA) and a lower pH. This led to a return of an abundance of soil microbes, worms and other little creatures. To put it simple, in those years we made our best wines getting rewarded with an impressive collection of national and international wine awards.

This may sound like a producer’s fairy tale, but it is true. The grapes got healthier, grew a thicker skin which produced a richer colour, they became more tolerant to rain events and less subjective to diseases in general. It was clearly a win-win situation, ready to be told and to spread around the wine industry, then to other industries and orchard operators around Australia and New Zealand.

We offer mowing and mechanical weeding solutions for just about any orchard layout and planting philosophy, and if we do not  already have a suitable model in our range, we will make one for you.

The quality and longevity of Fischer products are quickly becoming legendary in the Australian growers community. Whether you are  running a hobby farm or a large operation, Fischer Australis Pty Ltd. has the right mowing system for you.

Fischer GmbH (BZ) Italy

Founded and developed in Italy in 1966, Fischer GmbH is a well-established family company with a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. They’re popular and sought after mower range is now exported to 25 different countries. 44 years of experience in mechanical engineering and a consistent pro-active approach to develop new technologies, made it possible to adapt the Fischer technologies to Australian conditions and industry specific standards and requirements.

Fischer mowers are renowned throughout the world for their quality and longevity, ensuring technical simplicity, low impact on soil, and their user-friendly operating systems. Fischer does not spare any expense meeting specific and individual customer requirements on demand. Fischer offers top-solutions for a wide range of vineyard and orchard layouts, municipal requirements and for large area maintenance.

The main objectives of Fischer Mowers encompass; handling multiple tasks in one tractor pass, making under-vine and orchard management easy, reducing production costs and chemical input, and improving one’s carbon footprint.

Customer satisfaction is key for Fischer GmbH and Fischer Australis Pty Ltd, something we are able to achieve through flexibility and a variety of products.

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