Solar Farm Mowers

Keeping vegetation maintained in solar farms is key to ensuring PV panels generate energy to their maximum potential and avoid fire damage in case of lightning strikes igniting dry grass.

Fischer Australis’s range of Solar Farm Mowers offers a shallow profile to reach under the solar panels and are equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic operating components which allow for mowing around down posts and electrical installations at a respectable speed.

Our mowers are well-engineered; they are tough and built to withstand the often harsh conditions in remote Australian areas.

We think it is essential to extend the clean and green philosophy of solar farms to also apply to maintenance to reduce or eliminate herbicides, adding a fundamental element to a sustainable future.

Download our Solar Park template to provide us with the measurements of your solar farm. Ensure that you tell us if you have a clear run throughout the panel rows or if you have to deal with obstacles like drive-shafts and cable trays crossing your rows halfway. Please also explain any tight spots usually caused by the position of power panels to provide you with an educated recommendation.  We offer solutions for designs and more.

7 Economical Options to Maintain Solar Farms;

Fischer Australis is the sole importer and distributor of Fischer mowers in Australasia and the Pacific. We and select dealers have been selling the Fischer range for the past 14 years. We provide expert advice on the best mower to suit your needs and offer comprehensive pre and after-sale support, stock all required spare parts and are just an email or phone call away.

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