Fischer BV2/BV3 + HDS-T

Fischer BV2/BV3 + HDS-T

Precision Vineyard & Orchard Mower

Paired with the expandable deck Fischer BV2 mower, makes the Fischer HDS-T system another exciting new BV2 variation. Integrating two 400mm or 600mm hydraulically powered swivel-arm mower discs and keeping them small, offers a sensitive, however affective inter-trunk mowing solution.


This mower allows precision mowing using hydraulic fine-sensor technology and its width adjustable mower-deck. Small disc sizes allow for a great result around trunks and trellis posts. The mower heads are hydraulically angle adjustable to mow undervine mounds, terracing and small embankments.

Technical attributes:

  • Robust, low maintenance, hydraulically adjustable, expandable-deck technology (BV2).
  • Two heavy duty multi-function, hinged swivel-arm disc cutters on either side.
  • Hydraulically powered and liftable swivel-arm disc cutters (hydraulic angle adjustment).
  • Hydraulic fine-sensor technology.

The system is suitable for 1.8m – 3.6m rows (various model sizes).

We recommend an undervine or tree-line over-cut of 150 – 250mm from both sides.

Product Summary:
  • The Fischer HD-T-BV is a heavy duty, gear and hydraulic powered inter-row to undervine/tree mower featuring hydraulic fine sensor technology at it’s best.
Extra Equipment:
  • Various wheel options.
  • On-board hydraulic support systems.
  • Available with integrated point spray facility.
  • Developed and manufactured in Italy by Fischer GmbH for two generations
  • Acclaimed quality equipment
  • Mows inter-row and cleans up around trunks, trees and trellis
  • Unique deck expansion technology
  • Available in 6 different base sizes plus custom configurations
  • The BV2 mower is available with integrated herbicide spray equipment
  • Effective and simple to use
  • Proven rugged and built to last
  • Fischer Australis is offering an extensive range of spare parts and comprehensive technical after sale support for growers in Australia & New Zealand.

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