Fischer BV2/BV3 + HDS-T

Fischer BV2 or BV3 Expandable Deck Mower with
HDS-2T-400 or 600 Disc Mower

Discover the most versatile, single pass vineyard and orchard mower for cutting edge, seamless chemical free weed control.

The hydraulically expandable deck of the ‘Fischer BV2 or BV3 Mower’ makes a perfect host to incorporate the unique, hydraulically powered Fischer HDT-400 or 600 disc-mowers featuring hydraulic fine-sensor technology.

On offer are 2 options; one the lighter HDS-2T-400 and two the heavy duty HDS-2T-600 disc mower assemblies. Both options feature our acclaimed, fast reacting, soft touch, and trouble free hydraulic fine-sensor technology, allowing to effortlessly mow around trunks and trellis posts.

The smaller Ø400 disc mowers are built lighter and provide a sharp result in close, 0.8m -1.2m, plant spacings. Where the Ø600 disc mowers are heavy duty, suitable for larger operations with more generous, 1.2m to 2m, plant spacings. Both models require electrohydraulic operating components and an in-cabin remote control unit.

Technical Highlights
  • The HDS-2T-400 can be operated by the tractors own hydraulic supply system (depending on tractor model) requiring 45-55L/min at constant 150-180bar.
  • The HDS-2T-600 can only be run by tractors with strong hydraulic supply systems (depending on tractor model) requires 65-75L/min at constant 150-180bar.
  • Both models feature a gliding disc respective of their build to avoid the blades from cutting into the ground.
  • Both models can be equipped with optional hydraulic working angle adjustment.
  • Both assemblies require an e/h control block for 2 motors including solenoids for On/Off, oil flow regulators, pressure relief valves and carry over options for an e/h fine-sensor block and e/h functions block if required.
  • Interchangeable hydraulic configurations to run HDS-2T mowers, TWISTER or TORNADO heads are available on request.
  • We offer implement specific and mower powered hydraulic self-support units for either model on request.

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