Fischer CANGURO Orchard Wing Mower

We are pleased to introduce to you the Fischer CANGURO 350 / 400 / 450 / 550 / 650 and 700 mower range.  Available with either 4 or 6 blade rotors depending on the mower size. Robust with hydraulic folding, for transport and storage, this is a well-priced large area finishing mower at its best.

The smaller 350cm, 400cm, and 450cm models have 4 blade rotors while the 550cm, 650cm, and 700cm mowers feature 6 blade rotors. The CANGURO offers a strong drive-train and reinforced blade-bars with GL-280 step-down blades, it offers various wheel options and is suitable for rear over-roller, or side-discharge (Standard Operating Procedures applies). It can be equipped with attachable tow-bar assembly and wide-angle PTO (Power Take Off) shaft for turning in tight headlands and with an optional hydraulically engageable transport axle.

As a result of customer requirement feedback, the Fischer CANGURO is a welcomed new model in our extensive range.

The main features of the CANGURO are as follows:
  • Hinged mower with 3 deck sections.
  • Robust box-steal construction.
  • Heavy-duty deck hinging with hydraulic lifting capability for transportation and storage at 90°.
  • Hydraulic float position with a tolerance of -8° / +15°.
  • Robust 120HP input gear-drive, powering 4 or 6 137HP down-drives.
  • Reinforced blade bars with heavy-duty step-down blades or double ‘gator’ style mulching blades.
  • Integrated solid rubber castor wheels or metal rollers (on request).
  • Available with detachable tow bar assembly with wide-angle PTO (Power Take Off) shaft and hydraulically engageable transport axle (on request).
  • Front and rear chain curtains.
  • Proven rugged and built to last.
Customer Objectives were the catalyst to the CANGURO development:
  • Available model sizes for standard row widths in Macadamia, Almond and Avocado orchards.
  • Adequate HP input and even stronger down-drives.
  • Custom blade configuration for pre-harvest cut.
  • Optional side-discharge – SOP applies (implementation of standard operating procedure applies).
  • Optional tow-bar facility with wide-angle PTO shaft.
  • Optional transport axle for road transport.
Fischer Australis provides you with:
  • Comprehensive pre, after-sale and technical support.
  • Fast and efficient supply of spare parts.
  • Pick the best-suited mower model for your orchard to increase efficiency.
  • Assure for only quality components made in Italy are used in manufacturing.
  • No frills for maintaining competitive pricing.

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