Fischer COMPACT 200 / 235 / 250 / 280

Fischer COMPACT 200 / 235 / 250 / 280

(Front & rear mountable)

The Fischer COMPACT is a robust, light weight, belt powered finishing mower for orchards, vineyards, parks, school grounds and municipal purposes.

  • The Fischer COMPACT is primarily designed for front-mounting. If required on the rear, it is easy to convert.
  • The Fischer COMPACT features 4 cutting rotors which provide a very fine cut and a uniformed spread of the clippings.
  • The COMPACT mower is available with caster metal or caster wheels with poly-foam filled rubber tyres for optimal manoeuvrability.
  • For available sizes and further technical details, please refer to the product related table and product specification sheet.
Product Summary:
  • The Fischer COMPACT is a versatile, fine-cutting, finishing mower ideal for front mounting.
Extra Equipment:
  • Available with hydraulic, linear side-shift on the 3Point frame, + 30cm both sides.
  • Available with 540rpm or 1000rpm gear drive on request.
  • Various wheel configurations.
  • PTO shaft with clutch and mechanical over-run for rear mounting.
  • Developed and manufactured in Italy by Fischer GmbH for two generations.
  • Heavy duty, for a wide range of applications.
  • Rear, front and rear&front mountable.
  • Acclaimed quality equipment.
  • Available in 13 different sizes.
  • Available with integrated herbicide spray equipment.
  • Proven rugged and built to last.
  • Fischer Australis is offering an extensive range of spare parts and comprehensive technical after-sale support for growers in Australia & New Zealand.

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