Fischer DELTACUT 460/600/700/800

Fischer DELTACUT 460 / 600 / 700 / 800

The Fischer DELTACUT is a high-performance large area mower/slasher. It is a fold up mower with a narrow middle section making it ideal for delved orchard rows. It has unique capabilities and ideal terrain adaption offering astonishing results. Pivoted blades on two levels allow to cut high grass with a great effectiveness all in one pass. The Fischer DELTACUT is designed for side discharge (SOP required).

The cutting height is hydraulically adjustable via the 8 rear wheels and can be set with cylinder spacers. The same wheels feature walking axles allowing to climb over uneven surface without altering the catting height. The centre 4 rear wheels also act as transport axle offering safe traveling on the road.

  • Heavy duty box steel construction.
  • Side wings terrain adaption from -5° – +15° (floating).
  • Side wing transport position 90° hydraulic.
  • manual securing system for road transport (90°)
  • Front extended steel skids on sides.
  • Removable side panels for side-discharge (SOP required).
  • Grass diffusion guards under main deck.
  • Two front steel skids on mid section.
  • Removable and or fold-up tow-bar.
  • Bondioli & Pavesi gear drives.
  • High input distribution gear-drive rated 250HP.
  • 3 or 5 (depending on model) high performance rotor, down gear-drivers rated 250HP.
  • HP requirement 90 – 150HP on PTO.
PTO shafts
  • Bondioli & Pavesi PTO shafts 1000rpm.
  • Wide angle main input shaft with clutch and mechanical over-run.
  • Distribution shafts equipped with overload clutches.
  • All PTO shaft feature centralised greasing for even grease distribution.
  • 3 or 5 blade-rotors depending on model.
  • 2 x Blades for low cut and 2 blades for medium cut per rotor (with wind-wings).
  • Robust blade carrier with pivoted blade bars and pivoted blades
  • 8 x Heavy duty, pneumatic rubber wheels.
  • 4 x Wheel assemblies with walk-axles allowing optimal terrain adaption at given height adjustment.
  • Individual height adjustment via easy-use spacers on hydraulic cylinder.
  • Cutting height depending on blade type 40-400mm (or on request).
  • 2 x Optional caster front support wheels.
Safety Features
  • Front & rear chain curtain.
  • Removable safety panels left and right.
  • CE-PTO protection on shafts and gear-drives.
  • Developed and manufactured in Italy by Fischer GmbH for two generations.
  • World class, quality equipment, exported to over 50 different countries.
  • Innovative and grower specific equipment for various applications.
  • Effective and simple to use.
  • Proven rugged and built to last.
  • Mowing/slashing of a large variety of applications like farm paddocks, large green areas, orchards, corn-stubble mulching, pre-plowing field management, airport maintenance etc.
  • Suitable for farmers, orchard operators and contractors.

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