Fischer GL4 & GL5

Fischer GL4 & GL5

Vineyard and Orchard Mowers

The acclaimed Fischer GL4 & GL5 mowers are designed to provide growers with a comprehensive solution for effective, chemical free weed control.

  • The GL4 & GL5 will provide a seamless cut from inter-row to undervine/tree and save time and valuable resources by reducing tractor passes.
  • All models are available with or without hydraulic fine-sensor technology and feature hydraulically adjustable swivel-arms with swivel-arm disc rotors.
  • The optional Fischer fine-sensor technology is powered by an integrated on-board hydraulic system and allows to mow around trunks, trees and trellis posts – you’v got to see it to believe it.
  • The GL4 & GL5 mowers can comfortably handle annual vine or light orchard prunings making sweeping and the use of herbicides redundant.
  • The above models do not use any hydraulic capacity from the tractor during operation, therefore eliminate overheating problems and open up options for using other hydraulically operated implements like front mounted leaf pluckers or trimmers in combination with mowing.
Product Summary:
  • The Fischer GL4 is a heavy duty inter-row to undervine/tree mower for reasonably flat terrain.
  • The Fischer GL5 is a large, heavy duty inter-row to under-tree mower for flat terrain also.
  • The hydraulic fine-sensor technology makes the GL4 & GL5 well suited for steep hills.
  • For uneven terrain and delved rows, please refer to the Fischer GL2K, GL4K and GL5K mowers.
Extra Equipment: 
  • Various available wheel options; from tandem metal to poly-foam filled rubber, fixed or caster wheels – including wheel extension kits to cater for special conditions.
  • Linear side-shift on 3Point frame + 300mm both sides.
  • Tow-bar for sprayer with dual input centre gear-drive.
  • Integrated herbicide spray equipment, manual both sides or with automatic point spray facility.
  • Developed and manufactured in Italy by Fischer GmbH for two generations
  • Acclaimed quality equipment
  • Recommended by Australian Managers
  • Mows around trunks, trees and trellis
  • Unique, hydraulic fine-sensor technology
  • Available in 25 different sizes plus custom configurations
  • Available with integrated ground spray and automatic point-spray facility
  • Width adjustable to suit various row spacings
  • Low profile built to reach under established canopies and trees
  • Effective and simple to use
  • Proven rugged and built to last
  • Fischer Australis is offering an extensive range of spare parts and comprehensive after- sale and technical
General Information for choosing the right model:

Most of the 25 available GL4 & GL5 model-sizes are available with 600mm, 700mm, 800mm & 900mm swivel-arm disc mowers – there are some technical limits of using the large discs with the smaller units, as there is simply not enough available space to fold the swivel-arms away, behind the main-deck. Having said that, it seems that there is almost always a way for a solution.

  • For close plant spacings say 0.8m – 1.2m, one needs to match the smallest possible disc with the largest possible main mower-deck still safe and comfortable to fit down the vine or orchard rows.
  • For larger plant spacings say 1.5m – 2m, one can comfortably use 700mm and 800mm discs, achieving a greater tolerance for using the machine in various row spacings.
  • For very wide rows and Lyra trellis systems, one can use a larger deck with 900mm disc to reach under the overhanging canopy. We have indeed overcome some very interesting challenges.

(please refer to short videos on our Facebook page).

  • If various row-width need to be considered, one can achieve a greater tolerance with using a larger disc size on a smaller deck – In this case, one requires to carefully look at the percentage of the different row-width to make a best possible choice for an optimal configuration – please don’t hesitate to contact us for a comprehensive recommendation.
Meaningful facts for a successful result:
  1. Make the right choice of configuration regarding your vineyard or orchard layout.
  2. Don’t let the undervine & tree-line growth get away from you. Meaning, don’t let the weeds grow taller than > 30cm. There are many available adjustment options on the fine-sensor setup to cut higher grass also, however the result is much better by keeping on top of it!
  3. Work out a driving pattern that every other row gets driven in opposite direction.
  4. Perform regular maintenance before storing the machine.
  5. Store your machine under cover for longer periods.
Example for Configuration:

A good mower configuration for 3m rows with 1.5m plant spacings is a Fischer GL4/70 220-340:

The figure 70 refers to the size of the swivel-arm disc in cm – the figure 220 to the size of the main deck of the mower in cm, and the figure 220-340 to the over-all hydraulically adjustable working width. This allows for a 200mm undervine over-cut on both sides.

However, if you feel safe to drive a 2.4m mower-deck down 3m rows (300mm on either side) and you are sure that all rows are actually 3m wide, you can achieve a better result with the smaller 600mm swivel-arm discs. It reaches slightly better between vine & posts where a post is set in-between two vines. That would be the  Fischer GL4/60 240-340 model.

If your Rows are delved (V-shaped) please refer to the hinged Fischer GL4K. The main-deck sizes for these models are different, so you may find a better matching configuration for your layout.

If you have in-row terraces, you may look at the NEW Fischer HD-T-BV which features hydraulically powered and angle adjustable swivel-arm discs.

Not only for organic growers.

The GL4 & GL5 can provide further advantages for sustainable/conventional management, if used with our integrated herbicide options. These are available as manual or with automatic point spray facility, allowing to automatically spot-spray every trunk and post as the sensor is triggered by mowing past the trunks. The spray duration is adjustable at the remote control – reducing the use of herbicides by approximately 75% (please refer to Integrated Herbicide Spray Options).

Fischer mowers can be serviced and maintained by ones own staff – if necessary, every skilled mechanic can carry out repairs – we provide spare parts and comprehensive after sale support.

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