Fischer GL4K

Drop-Centre Fischer GL4K

The Fischer GL4K mower has been developed to maintain delved, V-shaped vineyard and orchard rows. It features the same hydraulic fine-sensor options as the Fischer GL4.

Well engineered, using a robust, hinged main deck, the GL4K freely adapts to sideway slopes in vine rows and tree-line embankments. The larger models feature a new design using only two, heavy duty gear-drives, making it front or rear mountable and extremely versatile in it’s application. The floating tolerance of the hinged deck reaches – 5˚ to +15˚. the new model features a more traditional and stronger hydraulic cylinder attachment, dual fine-sensor rods, standard rubber wheels and improved accessibility to conduct maintenance.

  • The Fischer GL4K is available with or without hydraulic fine-sensor technology. Either models allow manual hydraulic width adjustment, independent from the automatic fine-sensor setup. The fine-sensor feature is supported by its on-board hydraulic system and allows to mow around trunks, trees and trellis posts – you’v got to see it to believe it.
  • The Fischer GL4K mowers can comfortably handle annual vine or light orchard prunings making sweeping and the use of herbicides redundant.
  • The above models do not use any hydraulic capacity from the tractor during operation, therefore eliminate overheating problems and open-up options to be used in combination with other hydraulically operated implements like front mounted leaf pluckers or trimmers.
Product Summary:
  • The Fischer GL4K is a heavy duty, centre hinged, inter-row to undervine/tree mower for delved (V-shaped) vineyard or orchard rows – it freely adapts to side-sloping aspects from -5˚ to + 15˚.
Extra Equipment: 
  • Pull-out, side adjustable front rubber wheels for extra delve angle adjustment.
  • Removable side panels for side throwing.
  • Integrated herbicide spray equipment, manual both sides or with automatic point spray facility.
  • Developed and manufactured in Italy by Fischer GmbH for two generations.
  • Acclaimed quality equipment.
  • Recommended by Australian Managers.
  • Mows around trunks, trees and trellis.
  • Unique, hydraulic fine-sensor technology.
  • Available in 10 different sizes plus custom configurations.
  • Available with integrated ground spray and automatic point spray facility.
  • Width adjustable to suit various row spacings.
  • Low profile built to reach under established canopies and trees.
  • Effective and simple to use.
  • Proven rugged and built to last.
  • Fischer Australis is offering an extensive range of spare parts and comprehensive technical after- sale support for growers in Australia & New Zealand.

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