Fischer GL5K and GL7K-90

Fischer GL5K and GL7K-90

(Orchard & Maintenance Mowers)

The Fischer GL5K & GL7K have been developed to meet industry specific recommendations for the Macadamia Industry in NSW and Queensland.

The design objectives of this large area finishing mower are; to promote permanent sward alongside plantation trees, to minimise soil-erosion and save time and valuable recourses by reducing tractor passes. Hydraulically engageable transport wheels allow for legal travel from orchard site to another. Please find more detailed specifications below.

The Fischer GL5K 500 / 600 / 700 is a well engineered, hinged, finishing mower with the following features:

  • 3 section, hinged main deck with narrow middle section for better delving adaption.
  • 2m middle section with hydraulically engageable large travel wheels 2m apart.
  • 5 & 6mm robust box-steal construction.
  • 1 x centre, distribution gear drive (90-125HP) and 5 x counter-rotating power-drives for cutting. rotors (total cutting width 4.9m / 5.9m & 6.9m).
  • High tip speed 70m/s to 90m/s.
  • Adjustable cutting height 20-25mm to 150-200mm.
  • Height adjustable draw-bar linkage or 3Point frame on request.
  • Hydraulically liftable side units for travel (90°).
  • Floating/adaption tolerance – 5° / + 15°.
  • Height adjustable wheel sets with poly-foam filled rubber tyres D.470X135.
  • Optional height adjustable, caster front wheels.
  • Removable side-panels for side-throwing.
  • Strait cut or mulching blades providing a generous over-cut for a seamless result.
  • Rear chain curtain.
  • CE8 PTO shaft with enclosed clutch and mechanical over-run .
  • CE Safety Covers.

Fischer GL7K/90 500 / 600 / 700  (with or without hydraulic fine-sensor technology)

  • Base unit as above with optional caster, front wheels.
  • Featuring 2 x acclaimed, hydraulically width adjustable swivel-arm disc rotors (mowers).
  • KEVLAR belt driven, heavy duty disc rotor-mowers with armor-steel gliding discs on bearings.
  • Optional Fischer hydraulic fine-sensor technology with integrated hydraulic system and controls.
  • On-board oil tank (30L), pump, oil-flow regulator & pressure relief valve with return, double acting hydraulic ram, hydraulic control valves and optional double fine sensor rods.
  • Providing a seamless low cut from main deck to under-tree.
  • Available with mulching blades.

Related products are the centre hinged Fischer GL2K 360 & 520.

Product Summary:
  • The Fischer GL5K & GL7K/90 are large area orchard, park or airport maintenance finishing mowers with or without swivel-arm disc mowers and/or hydraulic fine-sensor technology.
Extra Equipment: 
  • Integrated herbicide spray equipment

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