Fischer KIWI & KIWI-S Finishing Mower

The Fischer KIWI is a centre hinged finishing mower which has been designed to maintain delved, V-shaped orchard floors. It users a very flat design, to reach under low hanging crops, and adapts freely to the angle of the orchard profile.

The Fischer KIWI is Front & Rear mountable, featuring 2 x 3Point linkages and 2 x central input gear-drives.

With minimising soil compaction and efficient orchard floor management in mind, this mower ticks all the boxes. It using less heavy gear-drives and a lighter, smartly reinforced body construction. The multiple rotors are belt powered using state of the art German made, maintenance free SPB2 double belts (Kraftband), allowing a high blade tip speed and a very fine cut.

New KIWI-S with swivel-arm disc mowers on either side is available now in all 4 sixes – please refer to pdf download.

Features include:

  • Centre hinged main deck 0° – + 20°
  • 2 x Input gear-drives for front or rear mounting.
  • 2 x 3Point frame supporting CAT I, II
  • Left rotors turn left, right rotors turn right.
  • Pivoted blades various styles.
  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism for transport and storage with float position and locking mechanism..
  • Available with tow-bar and transport axle on request.
  • Available with various wheel configurations on request.
  • Removable side-panels for cleaning access.
  • Front and rear chain curtains.
  • Safety features on mower and PTO ports.
Product Summary:

The Fischer KIWI & KIWI-S are reliable finishing mowers, offering unique terrain adaption in delved orchards. The KIWI-S allows to automatically mow around tree trunks and trellis posts using our proofed hydraulic fine-sensor technology.

  • Developed and manufactured in Italy by Fischer GmbH for two generations.
  • World class, quality equipment, exported to over 50 different countries.
  • Extremely versatile and useful equipment for various applications.
  • Effective and simple to use.
  • Proven rugged and built to last.

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