The Fischer TORNADO is a trimmer-line weeder offers a great results for vine and tree-line maintenance where the gaps in-between plants and posts are narrow and hard to get to with any other chemical free weeding device.

Ideal for the use of:

  • Chemical free undervine and tree-line mowing.
  • Chemical free de-suckering at its best.
  • Chemical free preparation for grafting.
  • Chemical free spring snail control.

We offer 2 application options:

  • The expandable-deck Fischer BV2 or BV3 mower + TORNADO W2
  • The Fischer Flex1 and Flex2 MultiTool carrier + TORNADO 1 + 2

The TORNADO weeder is an advancement from the TWISTER bio-brush weeder. The TWISTER still has its place, predominantly for spring maintenance and de-suckering. However, the TORNADO can handle much taller weeds and grasses, runs at a lower 1250rpm-max.1500rpm, doesn’t wind up tall weeds and is more gentle on the trunks.

Each TORNADO drum holds 100m of trimmer-line which is easily readjustable without the need for a tool.

We recommend the pictured cord brand which is available in 3.3mm / 3.9mm and 4.3mm strength.


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