Weeding Systems

We are the distributor for Fischer mowers, slashers and innovative weeding systems in Australasia and the south pacific region.

Establishing young orchards without herbicides is on many managers’ schedules to comply with consumer-driven demands.

Europe is the leader in developing equipment to support chemical-free weed control, having started the trend over 30 years ago.

The focus lays in increasing the microbiological diversity of the soil by improving soil health, therefore strengthening the plant to minimise disease pressure. Its practice also avoids toxic chemical run-off.

Fischer Australis has become an advocate for sustainable production in Australia and has great pleasure in offering innovative and highly effective methods to the tree-crop community.

One of our most popular devices is the Roller Hoe and the Finger Weeder, having revolutionised the approach of chemical-free weed control. It allows operating speeds of 6-10km/hr without using any motors or sensor technology.

We are pleased to be a leading provider of tree-line care in Australia. We offer various Roller Hoe sizes, activated dodge-blades, mower heads with hydraulic fine-sensor technology and various types of mowers to suit small to large operations.

Our finger is on the pulse of the latest developments from the hub of Italy’s agricultural manufacturing industry – making innovative technology available Down Under.

Fischer Flex1 / Flex2-XS / Flex2-S / Flex2-L MultiTool Frame System

The Fischer Flex1 and Flex2 tool carrier offers the strength and design to use an entire range of implements and devices like the RH3-S roller hoe and the FH-70 finger weeders.

Fischer Tornado Trimmer Line Weeder

The Fischer TORNADO is a trimmer-line weeder offers a great results for vine and tree-line maintenance where the gaps in-between plants and posts are narrow.

Fischer TWISTER L1 & L2 Bio-Brush Weeder

The Fischer TWISTER L1 & L2 is a new age weeding system, using hydraulically powered high-speed bio-brushes (D8mm round weeding cord).

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