Fischer BV2

Fischer BV2 

Expandable-Deck, Vineyard and Orchard Mower

The Fischer BV2 mower is Europe’s most popular vineyard and orchard mower. It features unique, hydraulic deck-expansion technology, which makes it most versatile for the use in various row-widths. It has now become the ideal host-mower for alternative undervine/tree weeding systems like the high speed TWISTER W2 Bio-Brush weeder and the hydraulically powered and angle-adjustable swivel-arm disc system the Fischer HDT-600.

The expandable-deck Fischer BV2 mower is available in 10 different sizes and offers various configuration choices and wheel options.


Fischer BV2 110-145      New:   Fischer BV3 180-260       New:   Fischer BV2 125-175 special

Fischer BV2 125-175                  Fischer BV3 195-290                  Fischer BV2 170-245 special

Fischer BV2 140-195                  Fischer BV3 250-360

Fischer BV2 160-230

Fischer BV2 190-260

Fischer BV2 220-300

Fischer BV2 250-330


NEW Feature: The BV2 is now available with integrated, fine-sensor technology to automatically adjust to the row width variations.

BV2 Special: are two lighter models using thinner extra high quality steel.

  • Available with extra side-shift facility +30/30cm both sides on request.
  • Available for front mounting with optional caster rubber front wheels etc.
  • The BV2 mower can be equipped with integrated herbicide spray equipment on both sides.

The Fischer BV2 is a heavy duty, expandable deck mower for highest demands. The unique deck expansion technology and its all gear driven cutting rotors provide great endurability and adaptability for the use in various row spacings. The Fischer BV2 provides a very fine cut.

  • Developed and manufactured in Italy by Fischer GmbH for two generations
  • Acclaimed quality equipment
  • Unique hydraulically adjustable deck expansion technology
  • Available in 6 different base sizes plus custom configurations
  • The BV2 mower is available with integrated herbicide spray equipment
  • Effective and simple to use
  • Proven rugged and built to last
  • Fischer Australis is offering an extensive range of spare parts and comprehensive technical after sale support for growers in Australia & New Zealand.

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