Fischer BV2 or BV3 Expandable Deck Mower

Fischer BV2 or BV3 Expandable Deck Mower

The Fischer BV2 and BV3 mowers are the most versatile vineyard and orchard mowers currently on the market. The mowers offer powerfully unique, reliable and maintenance-friendly deck expansion technology.

The Fischer BV2 has 2 blade rotors and the BV3 has 3 blade rotors.

Fischer offers 14 different BV mower sizes with diverse options allowing to combine the mower with tree-line and undervine maintenance devices. Download Sizes & Configuration options.

The mowers are available with additional, integrated linear side-shift at +/- 250mm to either side or 500mm to one side, hydraulic rear wheel height adjustment and removable side panels for side-discharge (SOP applies).

The Fischer BV mowers can also be used as a host to operate tree-line and undervine weeding devices, see Fischer BV2 or BV3 + TWISTER or  Fischer BV2 or BV3 + TORNADO and Fischer BV2 or BV3 + HDS-2T-400 and 600 Disc Mower.

This rugged hard-wearing work horse will meet any challenge even on steep slopes or uneven ground.

Additional options:

  • Standard rear, front and/or front and rear mounting.
    540rpm or 1000rpm.
  • Hydraulic rear wheel height adjustment.
    Integrated tool carrier to run the RH3-S roller Hoe and FH-70 finger weeders.
  • HDS-2T-400 hydraulically powered swivel-arm disc-mowers with fine-sensor technology, both sides.
  • Fischer TWISTER W2 bio-brush weeder and/or the TORNADO W2 trimmer-line weeder heads, both sides.
  • S\Height adjustable, solid rubber, fixed and caster support wheels.
BV2 or BV3 Expandable Deck Mower Drivetrain

Customised options available for individual requirements


Automatic Row Width Detection

There is no other vineyard and orchard mower on the market which can mow so close and safely to the target row width at an impressive operating speed.

The BV mowers can optionally be equipped with hydraulic rail fine-sensor technology which allows the mower to automatically and continuously adjust to a given row width.

The fine-sensor system features an in-cabin remote control unit, allowing  to switch from automatic or manual.

This revolutionary system reduces crop and equipment damage and saves valuable resources.

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